Feel free to contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

Alternatively call Jonas on 0499 606 068, or get in touch through our socials.

Phone: 0499 606 068


What species of deer is harvested?

The deer are generally either fallow deer (Dama dama), or chital deer (Axis axis). Both are delicate and light in flavour when compared to other species. 

How is the meat packaged?

Your deliveries are packed in carboard cartons with a wool liner for insulation. The wool is an industry by-product which would otherwise end up as waste – just another way we’re obsessing over waste reduction…

You can either reuse the wool liner, compost it in your home compost pile, or send it back to us so we can use it again.

Meat is packed in plastic vacuum sealed bags in order to retain freshness. Venison can quickly discolour when exposed to the air so we recommend leaving the bag sealed until you’re ready to use.

We are looking for alternatives to plastic however none of the alternatives that are currently on the market are viable for our small business. If you have a suggestion we’d love to hear it, please get in touch!

Will my meat be fresh, or frozen?

Some boxes are delivered fresh, and others are frozen. This will depend on your location and the amount of time in transit. If the product is frozen it is ‘fresh-frozen’ meaning it is frozen while in it’s prime. Send us a message with your location and we’ll let you know what you will receive.

How long will the meat last?

Venison freezes really well and will last up to 12 months in the freezer. Fresh produce will have a best before date. If you don’t plan to eat straight away, we recommend you freeze as soon as possible. This will allow you more time to thaw and give you more time in the fridge before you need to cook it.

How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

Northern Rivers, Gold Coast and Brisbane: orders delivered Thursdays.

Everywhere else: Delivery will normally occur within 3 weeks, but please note the following:

We are a small business and freight charges outside of our local area are extremely high. Your freight cost (calculated at checkout from your postcode) is the cost for local delivery from the storage facility to your address. We cover the rest of the freight cost and to make it financially viable while we are small, we can only ship outside of our local area when we meet minimum order numbers. If we don’t have many orders in your area, you may need to wait a little longer – but we’ll keep you in the loop.

More reason to tell your friends to order too!

Why have I been waitlisted?

This is really important – Fair Game Wild Venison is harvested in the wild and availability can be impacted by environmental conditions. Unlike commercial farms, we can’t control where the deer are and we can’t always get to them, especially in bad weather. We will keep you in the loop if we’re experiencing supply shortages and we know you will understand this is just life eating ethically.