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Bundle 6: Half or whole deer broken down equivalent ($335 – $635)


Bundle Addons

Add Bush Tomato Sausages * $10.00

Add Lemon Myrtle (~300g) * $10.00

Add fresh Chorizo Sausage (~300g) * $10.00

Add Pure Venison Sausage (~300g) * $10.00

Add Denver Leg Cuts (~500g) (Topside / Knuckle / Rump / Eye of Round * $24.40

Add Minced Wild Venison (500g) * $14.40

Add Diced Wild Venison (500g) * $19.90

Add bone in oyster cut shoulder (~1kg) * $39.99

Add bone in shanks (~1kg) * $39.99

Add wild venison and pork salami (~250g) * $19.90

Add wild venison and pork terrine (~150g) * $16.99

Add backstrap (~400g) * $27.50

Max: 5

Add tenderloin (~250g) * $17.25

Max: 5

Select packing requirement *

Have a look at the inclusions below and select half or whole deer


Product total

Options total

Grand total


This our take on a broken down deer. You can choose half or whole. For this box we have collated a mix to represent a deer of average size. The size of each cut sold reflects the the average yield from a whole animal  and, for certain parts, processed into our value-added products.  For example, rather than bones, we have included broth, and rather than a large quantity of mince, we have included a portion of sausages and salami.  Enjoy!


Backstrap ~0.75kg (half) or ~1.5kg (whole deer)

Tenderloin ~ 0.2kg (half) or ~0.4kg (whole deer)

Bone in Shoulder ~ 1.0kg (half) or ~2.0kg (whole deer)

Diced chuck ~ 1.0kg (half) or ~2.0kg (whole deer)

Rump ~ 0.25kg (half) or ~0..5kg (whole deer)

Knuckle ~ 0.5kg (half) or ~1.0kg (whole deer)

Topside ~0.5kg (half) or ~1.0kg (whole deer)

Silverside ~0.5kg (half) or ~1.0kg (whole deer)

Mince ~1.0kg (half) or ~2.0kg (whole deer)

Pure Venison Sausages ~ 1.2kg (half) or ~2.4kg (whole deer)

Shanks ~ 0.7kg (half) or ~1.4kg (whole deer)

Bone Broth 1 jar (half) or 2 jars (whole deer)

Salami ~0.25kg (half) or ~0.5kg (whole deer) (includes free-range pork fat)


Buying this way is more than 10% cheaper than the the cost of these products when buying separately.