Tenderloin – sold in 250g increments



If backstrap / tenderloin is out of stock, you can still access backstrap / tenderloin through the purchase of a mixed box or a whole deer broken down. Thanks


The backstrap and tenderoin are the most tender cuts on the deer. They are also the most subtly flavoured, so make sure not to overpower them with too strong a marinade.

Try something like this

The loin is perfect for slicing into even sized medallions to grill or cook in a pan with a lightly flavoured butter (lemon and thyme).

Alternatively try the fillet chopped raw as a tartare – mix with small measures of chives, ketchup, mustard, chopped capers, Tabasco and an egg yolk to make an amazing, refreshing starter.

This meat is best cooked to medium rare at most, as any further cooking will dry the meat out.


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