Whole deer broken down (10kg deposit)


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A whole deer broken down can yield anywhere between 15 and 35kg.

The cost charged here covers the first 10kg of the total weight incl’ shipping. The balance will be invoiced once weighed and your order will be cleared for delivery once your payment is finalized.

Each whole deer includes a combination of standard and customizable cuts as follows:

Standard cuts:

1 x pair backstrap

1 x pair tenderloins

1 x pair hind shanks

2 x topside

2 x knuckle

2 x rump


Broth bones


Customizable cuts

In addition to the standard cuts, please indicate your preferences for the following when you submit your order:

2 x silverside – whole, minced, or one of each

2 x bone-in shoulders with shank and neck meat attached – whole, diced or one of each.


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